Outer envelopes: $3.00
Outer envelopes include up to 4 lines + zip code
The Parker Family
3159 West 11th Street
Cleveland, Ohio


Mrs and Mrs.  James McAllister
671 Lincoln Avenue
Apartment 536
Winnetka, Illinois

Inner envelope: $2.00
Inner envelopes include up to 2 lines
Jack and Lucy
Mark and Brynn

RSVP Envelope: $2.00
Kevin and Catherine
611 Kirby Drive
Katy, Texas

Client will provide envelopes as well as 20% additional envelopes to account for human error. 
If you need 100 envelopes, please provide 120 total. All unused envelopes will be returned to you. 

I am willing to purchase envelopes for you. There is a $25.00 charge in addition to total cost of envelopes. All envelopes provided by me will be purchased through Cards & Pocket or The Paper Source. 

I am able to provide most ink colors. Please specify the color you would like to use.
There is no additional charge for metallic ink. 

Please message me to identify what kind of order you would like to make. 
Please include the following information:
- Envelope style type
- How many envelopes and what kind of addressing you would like.
- Envelope size and color
- Ink color
- Final date of delivery

- Modern calligraphy- flourish style
- 100 envelopes- outer envelope, inner envelope, return address and return envelope
- Kraft paper-5x7 envelope
- White ink
- 3 weeks from today

I will be happy to communicate with you to gather any additional details about your order. 
I am also able to message you a sample photo to get final approval before I begin your order. 

If you wish to have envelopes shipped directly to me, I am happy to provide you with the appropriate information. 

I will ship your envelopes back to you through USPS Priority shipping. 

It typically takes 3-4 weeks for an order to be returned to you. I am able to provide rush delivery. Depending on how quickly you need an order, a 25-50% rush fee will be added. 

Please send me your guest list EXACTLY as you would like it to appear on your envelopes. 
I am happy to communicate with you about addressing etiquette, but ultimately I will not make ANY changes to the addresses you send to me. 

To prevent black markings made by USPS through their machines, please request that the post office Hand Cancel your envelopes when you drop them to be mailed. 

I am excited to work with you!